Home for the Holidays

holidays2016-13holidays2016-17holidays2016-12 holidays2016-10I think everyone can agree we all desperately need the holiday feels and love more than ever, and more than ever, we should extend the holiday vibes to others. For James’ first trip out into the real world, we went tree shopping! Normally, we would search for the world’s smallest tree but this year is special – it’s our little guy’s first Christmas. That means a grand tree to make home as festive as can be. Hope you all get the best of this holiday season! xo

Gift Guide: For New Moms

The minute I shared news of my pregnancy, I was flooded with love and support from mothers. Some sent words of encouragement, many spoiled us with gifts and lessons, and a few spent hours cooking to fill our fridge! I can’t begin to tell you how those acts of kindness helped me acclimate to my new role.

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The Gamechanger

Well, you guys…the whole game’s done changed. Josh and I welcomed our little bundle of happy, happy, joy, joy James Jett Collins on October 30th and couldn’t be more obsessed. I’ll save our dramatic birth story (unless you really want to hear it?) but will say he came into this world fighting like a soldier,

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Nesting & Words for James Jett

Parenthood is quickly creeping up and I’m feeling a mixed bag of emotions.  Josh and I have always been the couple who marched to the beat of our own drum. Doing things as I like to put it ‘ass backwards’ and we’ve been perfectly content with that. When we found out we were pregnant, we honestly

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