The Dreslyn: In Bloom

Even though we're approaching Labor Day weekend, I can't help but be more committed to wearing white all year long. Especially after seeing The Dreslyn's impeccably styled lookbook for their fall jewelry edit! Love the sharp hair, soft make-up, and minimal gold jewelry.  

Life after 21 Days

My 21-day soul detox flashed by entirely too fast.  I set some ambitious goals in hopes of walking away from August and into September feeling lighter about life.  The final report? There were some wins and some losses. 

  • Read a book each week. Win! I read a few great ones that completely changed my frame of thinking and added much-needed inspiration and validation. I'll be sharing those in the next couple of weeks!
  • Routines. Semi-win.  Still not sleeping well and days are still blurring into one another.
  • No social media after 10:00 PM. FAILED. I came no where close to achieving this which just shows how much more I need to step away from social media during personal times. It seems the more I restrained myself the more I wanted to log on. OY.
  • One hour of strictly Jameson time. Win! And then some. 
  • Blog consistently. I hope you're noticing this! Your engagement via comments and Instagram is very encouraging, and I must say mean more to me than you know. I understand how much time and effort it takes to comment so thank you for engaging in this conversation.
  • Be kinder to myself. Win. I've treated myself to a lot of ice cream, facials, a mani and pedi (which I almost never do!), and lots of therapeutic girl talk this month. By intentionally being kinder to myself, I think I like myself a little more. That's gotta count for something!
  • Live lighter. A continuous struggle but here's what I'm going to do about it...

The thing with 21 days is you can check off the wins and continue working on the losses. After reflecting on my losses, I see now that I need to continue building more structure around my work - social media management and routines. It turns out the wins were qualitative so this challenge is an overall success. I can't think being intentional about the woman I want to be is anywhere close to a loss. So, while I think about how to tackle those structural issues I'm going to celebrate a little!  

But what about you? If you did this challenge, I'd love to hear about your experience.


Style: Jewels & Jeans


The fall weather can't come any sooner. Seeing as I won't be near a beach anytime soon this muggy New Orleans weather has got to go! Can't step outside for two minutes before bolting back indoors for a cold shower. But I did want to share my latest conquests, so for you guys I took the risk teehee. I picked up this jeweled short sleeve sweatshirt from H&M in efforts of adding some spice into my simple wardrobe. It'll be perfect come winter, especially as a layering piece. The bag by Alexander Wang was scooped up on for half off! It's sort of the best fall cross-body investment. Slick and sophisticated, but the kicker is it's reversible. You're seeing the black side. The other side is this textured red snakeskin print for my wilder nights. Swoon! Ok back to the no-spending freeze.


photos by: becs

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images via becs