Meet My Splendid Softie!

May 25, 2016
Yesterday, I launched an Instagram giveaway with Splendid for their #SpreadSoftness campaign aimed at making the world a softer place (because we all know how depressing scrolling the Facebook newsfeed can be!) Many of you submitted the sweetest nominations about friends and family members who have made your lives a softer place, so I wanted to take the opportunity to shine light on the biggest softie in my life. 
Ever since we were young, our mom dressed my sister Thu and I like twins. Maybe because we’re just a year and a half apart or we really thought we were twins, but I couldn’t have asked for a better friend and sister growing up. This one may be tiny but she’s got the biggest heart and honestly holds our crazy family together. She’s had my back since our toddler days and even more so now, I turn to her to help me navigate this weird thing called pregnancy – she’s a supermom of three! She can do it all with very little, and still be the happiest person in the room.
IMG_2261When I thought about who to give these softie tees to, no one is more deserving than my sister. She not only makes her friends’ and family’s lives softer but also every person she comes into contact with! So happy I can finally share my sister biff here. 
There’s still time to win this softie tee pack, which comes with two super soft (I mean really, really soft) tees: one for you and one for the biggest softie in your life. Hop on over to my Instagram to nominate someone who’s made your life a softer place! xo

This post was brought to you in partnership with Splendid in support of the #SpreadSoftness campaign!


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