Ch-ch-ch-changes to our Living Room (with Interior Define!)

April 27, 2016

Not too long ago I gave up a stylish white couch in exchange for our current couch. The white sofa was perfect when I lived on my own and needed an affordable, good looking sofa that took up little space. It suited my uptown New Orleans, French-inspired white washed apartment so well! But, when Josh moved into this place, all hell broke loose. It was affordable, but he reminded me daily about how it was the most uncomfortable (super thin cushions) high maintenance (the white!) sofa. I didn’t want to admit it but I knew it was time for a change. Two years ago, we finally bit the bullet and decided to invest in a larger sofa from one of our favorite modern furniture stores. At the time, I wanted to get something comfortable for sure but also as close to white as possible, so we settled on a large two-seat sofa with gray chenille fabric. It was all dandy at first, but just six months after the sofa arrived, the fabric started to get worn down and discolored. Then, the cushions pretty much fell apart. This was after six months! Ugh. What’s a couple got to do to find a stylish, comfortable, durable sofa that they can dive into with their two rambunctious puppies?

Interior Define-7Just as Goldilocks kept looking, I turned to my interior savvy friend Danielle Moss (you might know her from TheEverygirl!) to vent and bounce around some ideas. Having designed sofas for Interior Define, Danielle raved about the process and materials and insisted I look into their large collection of customizable sofas. It didn’t take long before I reached out to the Interior Define team to initiate a partnership.  To my delight, they happily accepted! 

Interior Define-3Interior Define-2After sharing all my current sofa woes with the super delightful customer service team (I knowww – first world problems), they recommended ordering a few fabric swatches to test the durability, style, and texture. This one step would’ve saved me a whole lot of headache before!  Anyway, just a few days later a combination of heavy cloth, linen, and velvet fabric swatches arrived in grays, naturals and *gasps* even a bold charcoal color. 

Interior Define-5After deciding that a sectional would be more comfortable for everyone (us, our pets, our guests), we also decided that light gray sofas is too safe for us (or maybe we can’t really keep it clean lol). We are ready for some real deal change. Soooo…we picked the sexy Sloan sectional in the Narhwal velvet fabric with wood legs ! Dark and moody with a luxe texture. I cannot wait! 

unnamedInterior Define-8The process takes about 8-10 weeks because every part is custom made, but I just received a confirmation email that they began building our sofa (check out that cool progress illustration). It should arrive in June so stay tuned for the big reveal as well as a special promotion for Uppleryne & Co. readers!


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