5 New Mom Hacks


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I said this space wouldn’t turn into a mommy blog because I’m not one to dole out parenting advice. After a few months in the game and a few nudges from my mommy-to-be friends (hi Cinders!), though, I figured it’s ok to share a few hacks that’s made mommy life easier. Who doesn’t love a good hack and I might as well be a little helpful!


Baby set-up. We created a micro-nursery in the second bedroom/office of our home but I really didn’t trust myself to hear him through the monitor. We moved his crib into the main room on the opposite side of our mattress. If I’m being honest, James only sleeps in his crib for naps. He sleeps with me on our Hyphen king mattress because you can jump on it without waking a soul and I just love to cuddle him. (see my previous post about Hyphen here)

I also don’t have a typical changing table. With him starting to roll and move around more, I thought it would be safest to put a changing pad in the crib.  This changing pad is from Ikea and is really easy to clean. The height of the mattress is actually perfect and I can easily grab changing supplies from the drawer on the left.


Easy organization. We have the Ikea Askvoll three-drawer chest stocked with all of the essentials. The top drawer stores changing items, the second his clothes, and third blankets and sheets. 


The best gift ever. The minute my cousin and fellow new mommy heard James arrived, she sent us the Leachco Podster. It’s his own personal sofa where he lounges contently for the bulk of his day. It keeps him cozy and even helps hold up his bottle during feedings! We bring the podster everywhere and I get stuff done because he can lull himself to sleep in it kind of like a cocoon.


DIY Dock-a-Tot. When James was just born and really tiny, I didn’t want to risk rolling over him. I created my own version of the Dock-a-Tot because I really couldn’t afford to spend $200 on a sleeper. All I did was cover an additional changing pad with a sheet or blanket.

Hope these little hacks are helpful to new mommies or mommies-to-be. If you have any tips or know how to make laundry magically do itself, please share!

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  • Hi Juley, Thanks for sharing! I’m about to be a new mom and am overwhelmed with the number of (and price of!) all the baby products. You may have posted this before, but where is your crib from, and is the changing pad from Ikea the inflatable one? (link doesn’t seem to work). Have you had to buy any nursing bras? Thank you!