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Anyone still recovering from what my sister calls 'holiday weight'? You know those extra 4-5 lbs from ye olde holiday turkey, stuffing, sides, and desserts? Never one to really obsess about numbers on a scale, but I will honestly say I don't like not feeling fit.  Back when I was living in Nashville, it was almost too perfect having rivers and hills in my backyard. That luxury combined with the thought I put into my weekly groceries and general healthy eating made it effortless to be fit. I'd be lying if I told you maintaining balance is easy in New Orleans. Nothing, NOTHING is easy in New Orleans aside from our laissez-fare mentality! While I try to prepare my mind for the coming summer months and find my mojo again, I keep gravitating towards sweaters. A really good sweater has a way of making you feel good about yourself. A Billy Reid sweater, on the other hand, makes you look forward to covering up.

february keeps: williams-sonoma open kitchen

Mardi Gras season is in full-effect here in New Orleans. While most people love to be directly on the parade route, I try my darnest to escape the madness. And where do I go? Williams-Sonoma to wander for an hour or so before a dessert meet-up with my girlfriends, of course! What intended to be a few minutes window shopping turned into some serious oogling the minute I caught sight of their new basic and perfectly simple Open Kitchen collection. Filled with essential stainless steel tools, simply designed textiles, and porcelain dishes, it's like Barefoot Contessa's kitchen goods on a budget. Draw drops here and there. Maybe it was just the impeccablly styled display, but yall - kitchen porn for days.

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I'm an Everygirl!


Apologies for the radio silence from this corner and yep, I deserve the stank eyes for neglecting you all lately. You see, I've been a busy bee for a few good reasons. And one of those really, really good reasons is I've joined the ahhhmazing Everygirl Team as their food editor! Not only do I get to write, style, photograph, and be creative with one of the best subjects (food!), I get to work alongside one of my favorite lifestyle + food bloggers, Lauren Craig of Perpetually Chic. Our vision and styles could not be more in sync and we could not be more excited to share with you what we've been working on! 

Last week, Lauren shared a delicious and classic recipe for homemade spaghetti as part of our new #EverygirlClassicEats series. And today, we launched my first post, 'The Only Grocery Shopping List You'll Ever Need.' If you know me personally, you know I am pretty serious about grocery shopping. I budget, analyze, and strategize what I'll cook for the week and knock my shopping (and cooking! but that's another post) out on Sundays. The key for me, though, is using a framework rather than a grocery list to shop. This post is an ode to my Southern roots, really using the idea of  'makin' groceries' (simply means the process of buying groceries) to shop smarter. I also share a few easy, reliable recipes using the ingredients from my shopping trip.  Sincerely hope you follow along, try some of the recipes/tips at home, and find some new inspiration from The Everygirl Food team! 

american hustle



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hoping you all stayed safe and warm during the winter storm, especially my atlanta friends! fortunately we had minimal damage here in new orleans. we were actually blessed with a few accidental days off from work and beautiful weather as a result. i spent the first couple days catching up with family and friends. today, however, i treated myself to a killer spin / romney ride class at romney pilates (5619 magazine street) followed by a brunch-for-one at satsuma (7901 maple street). for being a complete type-a person, these spontaneous days sure are good for the soul.

speaking of good for the soul. it's just the beginning of 2014 and i'm already bursting at the seams with excitement for what the rest of the year holds. cannot wait to share more about the projects that are in the works with you. let's just say i get to work with some brilliant creatives after my day job. it's a hard balance, but i have to keep the faith. that's what the american hustle is about after all!

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