Tips on Managing Work & Life

It’s been just exactly a month since we launched Drip Affogato Bar, and needless to say, I’ve slept very little! I finally have a little time carved out to get back to blogging and wanted to share a few tips I’ve been using to managing the busiest time of my life. 


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Setting clear expectations. With a handful of clients depending on me, I made sure to communicate there would be some adjustments.  I’ve worked with them on cutting down on deliverables and reworking timeframes that take into account their needs and my upcoming maternity leave. 

img_4189Exercise the multi-tasking muscle. I’ve never been a great multi-tasker, but with so much going on, I take every chance I can get to tackle the ever growing list of to-dos. My new HP Spectre has been a crucial tool I turn to to create marketing imagery and tackling emails. The Spectre is probably one of my favorite PC systems as it’s able to process multiple programs at any given time. I’m able to churn out design projects, juggle emails, and manage the entire Drip team’s always changing schedules. I guess with the right tools, I can multi-task after all!

img_4191Ask for forgiveness. It’s been a challenge declining new work, initiatives, and invites, especially since I thoroughly enjoy engaging in multiple projects. However, I’ve dropped more balls than I’d like to admit! Fortunately, people have been so understanding with my lack of time and brain space. So, if you find that there’s just too much on your plate, take my advice: ask for forgiveness and reduce the workload!

Home Sweet Home

We just moved into a new duplex just four blocks from our previous apartment. The neighborhood is a little rough around the edges but I jumped at the opportunity the minute I saw how beautiful the space was. Designed and leased by a friend’s mother-in-law, it’s a clean balance of modern amenities with country charm – soo perfect for

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New Office Digs & Tools

It’s the first official day of fall and already feels like so many new leaves are turning. Not only have I’ve been busy opening Drip Affogato Bar (ahh more on this soon!) with my team, Josh and I are slowly moving into a new, bigger apartment, and I’m getting situated into a new office space….all before baby

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I can’t wait for fall!

A few recent pins that are getting me extremely excited for fall, especially since it feels like I’ve been sweating bullets since March. Here’s hoping the cool weather arrives soooooon!

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