HO HO HO-liday shopping

Resident wordsmith, Tuvy, approaches every situation with a little wit and a lot of humour. She contributes monthly columns that will make you think and just might tickle you. 

I love the holidays. The air seems crisper, and I look forward to New Orleans winter aka put-on-sweater-take-off-sweater-then-put-sweather-back-on weather. The streets and parks are illuminating with strings of lights wrapping around the majestic oak trees. What could damper this festive mood?

SHOPPING.  I am not aggressive enough to fight over the last pair of cashmere  gloves, which would then turn into a serendipitous moment over ice cream. Claustrophobia is in high effect if I am sober in a small space full of people. Anxiety reintroduces itself when my online shopping cart suddenly says, “Sorry, sold out!” 

Yes, all of this could be avoided if I had done my shopping early, but then I would have nothing to write complain about. Thank goodness for holiday gift guides and gift cards, am I right? But let’s focus on what really matters during this season: peppermint bark and butternut squash soup. Oh, and spending time with those who are worth sharing peppermint bark.