Frequently Asked Questions

Who takes your pictures?
I take all lifestyle images except pictures of me, which are taken by friends or my boyfriend. Occasionally, I get to work with great local photographers and you’ll see them credited at the bottom of each style post.

What are your favorite New Orleans spots?
Too many to list! Check out my perfect downtown day with Design*Sponge, the travel category, or my classic favorites list here.

Can I send you products from my company?
One of the perks of blogging is discovering new brands and products! While I’m open to gifting, it’s most important that our brands match, so please be sure to do some research by scrolling through the blog before reaching out. Please note: gifted products are not guaranteed to be posted. I will only blog about a product if it’s something I would spend my own money on or if readers would benefit from learning about it.

What is your career background?
Get ready for a whole lot of random! I studied finance at Loyola University, then taught elementary with Teach for America, then led a software testing team in Nashville, TN, then moved back and worked as a project manager at a tech start-up but that was short lived, so I returned to the previous school I taught as their operations director. All of that to teach me essential skills I still use today and to affirm that my entrepreneurial spirit cannot be tamed. Since June 2014, I’ve been riding the self-funemployment train. I spend my time running this blog, developing Drip Affogato Bar as the Chief Executive Dripper, working with a handful of clients, and aspiring to launch my kitchenwear line. Read more about my journey on The Everygirl.