Travel: Charleston, SC

Charleston was just a delightful city! Thanks to many of you and generous locals with a collective love for places like Sugar Bakeshop and Black Tap Coffee, my girlfriends and I had a laundry list of spots to check out. I personally was so impressed with Charleston's food culture - clean and refreshing while remaining distinctly Southern.  

1. A glowing peak on the corner of King and Fulton Streets | 2. Picked up raw honey goods from Savannah Bee Company | 3. An intimate French dinner with the Sideshow Press team at Chez Nous | 4. Purchased Happy Socks for the King at Indigo & Cotton | 5. The prettiest restaurant front on Fulton Street | 6 & 7. Sugar Bakeshop for lemon curd cupcakes | 8. A very Paris in Charleston moment at Chez Nous (#pariseverywhere) | 9. Cruising in a Ford Mustang convertible was all kinds of awesome | 10. Touring the Sideshow Press offices | 11 & 12. Coffee date at Black Tap Coffee with Charleston's sweetheart Chassity Evans of Look Linger Love | 13 & 14. More shots of Indigo & Cotton | 15. Savannah Bee Company | 16. The coolest library, equipped with intense librarians and classic card catalogues at Charleston Library Society | 17. Peering from Billy Reid at The Preservation Society on King Street 
Other places not pictured: Baguettes at Brown's Court Bakery, great brands at Hampden and Worthwhile, and cocktails and swing dancing at Prohibition.

Two-cent Tuesday

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A Good Time

Madewell hat | Madewell jeans | ALC Hutton Bag | Zara shoes (old, similar here) | Forever 21 top

Hello from Charleston! It's been a good time and I'll be sure to share more details about the trip soon.  Stopping in to share some photos my biff snapped on King Street, the chicest street where so many great shops are including big names like Madewell. I've had my eyes on the high-rise skinny skinny jeans and finally bit the bullet twice this year - the first with this dark blue pair that I've been living in and now the black. There's nothing like a good pair of skinny jeans to hold in the junk and elongate your legs. Reeeeeally happy with these! I should've been patient and ordered online because lo and behold there's a sale. My loss but you can get yours for 20% off with the code WINWIN on

Photos by: Becs

Eucalyptus Buds

Sorry for the radio silence! Currently in Charleston aka the most charming piece of America but wanted to share last week's blooms. Can't beat $8 eucalyptus buds from Whole Foods. Hope your week is going well!