Introducing Living: WELL / AWARE

Hi! I’m Lindsay. Pleased to meet you! I’m thrilled to be writing a new wellness column for Upperlyne, and think it’s only appropriate to recall the extremely blogger-esque way Juley and I met. I became familiar with Upperlyne through The Everygirl, and started following her on Instagram. I absolutely loved her aesthetic, and one day noticed we had a mutual friend, Marissa of Negative Underwear. We gushed about lingerie and decided to meet up at Café Mogador in Williamsburg (we highly recommend the mezze platter, if you’re ever there). We had an amazing meal, delicious coffee and ice cream, and when you share coffee and ice cream with a new pal … the rest is history! Meeting friends from the Interwebs never gets old. Am I right?

One of Upperlyne’s qualities that resonated with me strongest was the attention to detail and consideration of every post – while staying authentic. It’s awesome to meet a blogger that’s every bit in person who she is on the page, and I’ve grown to really appreciate that over the years. So why am I here? One of the things we talked about over dinner was wellness – inside and out. I care a lot about personal wellbeing and conscious consumption, and blog about it over at WELL / AWARE.

I rediscovered my interest in wellness through my now retired lingerie blog. It was called that je ne sais quoi and was all about empowerment through dressing for yourself. I noticed a pattern: I’d only post about indie designers, or those whose pieces were made sustainably and organically. And to stay in shape for photo shoots, I’d reclaimed my love for fitness and eating well.

I also realized that the more energy I invested in healing and exploring myself, the more I had to give to others. WELL / AWARE was born from a belief that a world in which we take care of ourselves, each other and the environment would be a better one. While it’s getting easier to adopt this lifestyle, it’s still the road less traveled and certainly is more difficult than living “mainstream.” It’s my goal to define what it means to live well and consume consciously by sharing my own stories, featuring others’ and providing resources that empower you to live better.

Intention is the common thread that stitches WELL / AWARE’s two core pillars together: wellness and conscious consumption. On Upperlyne, I hope to give you the tools, insights and honest stories around minimalism, wellness and conscious consumption you crave – whether it’s talking about sustainable sweaters or the next cleansing trend.

I’d absolutely love to hear from you! Especially if there’s a wellness topic you want to know more about. Please leave a comment, tweet me, snap me (@well_aware), gram with me or drop me a note at


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