Vanilla Bean Affogato with Pistachios

If there's any dessert I could eat for the rest of my life, it would be affogato. Whoever first thought about topping creamy gelato or ice cream with a shot of espresso was a genius because affogato ends every meal on a clean note without taking things overboard. Thank you Italy! We don't have cookies or cakes hanging around the apartment, but ice cream? Ice cream is abundant. Because I don't have an espresso maker, I usually have to bolt to the coffee shop to buy a shot of espresso, but one day my nifty Vietnamese espresso press/filter stood out as a perfect companion to a single-serving affogato. And then, I had some crushed pistachios hanging around from that DIY eclair bar and discovered the magic that happens when I let my kitchen guide creations. Vanilla bean ice cream drizzled with coffee (or espresso) and topped with crushed, salted pistachios = BOOM. I am not over-exaggerating when I say this is simplicity in its best dessert form. If you don't feel like going through the fuss at home, go to your neighborhood ice cream parlor and ask for this combo. They might look at you funny, but you'll be in oh-my-yum happiness!


Vanilla Bean Affogato Topped with Crushed Pistachios


French Market Coffee dark roast ground coffee, one single serve cup or 3 tbsp
Vanilla bean ice cream
Handful of shelled roasted & salted pistachios

Tools: Vietnamese Filter Set or coffee maker

1. If using the Vietnamese press, add three tablespoons ground coffee into the filter or one single serving pack. Fill with water and let filter for 5 minutes. Otherwise, make coffee with your coffee maker as usual.

2. Place pistachios in a bowl and using a heavy bottle or spoon, crush the pistachios until you get crumbly pieces. Other ideas: use the trusty mortar and pesto or a rolling pin.

3. Scoop vanilla bean ice cream into a dish, pour over coffee, and top with crushed pistachios.