Style: Jewels & Jeans

The fall weather can't come any sooner. Seeing as I won't be near a beach anytime soon this muggy New Orleans weather has got to go! Can't step outside for two minutes before bolting back indoors for a cold shower. But I did want to share my latest conquests, so for you guys I took the risk teehee. I picked up this jeweled short sleeve sweatshirt from H&M in efforts of adding some spice into my simple wardrobe. It'll be perfect come winter, especially as a layering piece. The bag by Alexander Wang was scooped up on for half off! It's sort of the best fall cross-body investment bag. Slick and sophisticated, but the kicker is it's reversible. You're seeing the black side. The other side is this textured red snakeskin print for my wilder nights. Swoon! Ok back to the no-spending freeze.


photos by: becs

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images via becs

Places: Loomed Nola

Loomed Nola, a Turkish towel company located at The Rink on Prytania Street (2727 Prytania Street, Ste. 13), is one to keep on your radar if you're one to collect simple everyday goods like textiles. With the help of Marcie Matthew's creative studio, Bloodhound Nola, Loomed recently rebranded and renovated their store. If you haven't visited, you must! It's airy and bright and just lovely. I love picking up the classic striped peshtemals as gifts for my friends.

A few months ago Molly, the owner and a MOTM friend, asked me to help style their Fall 2014 look book.  We focused on showing how versatile Turkish towels are.  While my peshtamel is my best friend at the beach, you can see how easily they integrate into the home, kitchen, and bathroom - from a rustic backdrop to a more traditional setting. And with such a wide range of carefully selected colors, there's a little something for everyone. Textiles swoon!

Photography: Patrick Niddrie | Textiles: Loomed Nola | Creative Direction: Bloodhound Nola | Styling: Upperlyne & Co.

Style: Checks & Stripes

Online shopping mania strikes again in the Le household. And boy did it hit quick. I couldn't help myself to this skirt from ASOS the minute I laid eyes on it. The 'add to cart' button was pressed before I even had time to evaluate its worthiness.  With ASOS, I've learned you just can't wait. You have to pounce on the good stuff before they sell out. And truth be told, some of the best decisions we make are the impulsive ones. Hopefully I can maintain control as we segway into fall, but one thing's for sure - this skirt's coming with me wherever I go!



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This week...

When I worked in corporate, I'd always whine EFF IS IT ONLY TUESDAY? Now it seems there's not enough days in the week to get everything done! How do you superwomen do it?!

So needless to say, I couldn't get to everything from last week like the 10 Years of Trouble update, but some rather exciting things did happen:

  • West Elm pinned my office on their Customer Favorites page. There were notable comments about my computer not being plugged in. I appreciate people who pay close attention to detail! Just to clarify that was just for pictures, but I'm slowly adapting the boyfriend's everything needs to be wireless mentality.
  • And funny enough, thought so, too! They featured the office in their 10 Tips for Creating the Ultimate At-Home Officenoting how wireless devices create a clutter-free work zone. Couldn't agree more.
  • I recently shared some snippets of my weekend trip to Dallas with the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Instagram. Sit tight, I have a full update coming soon and a special giveaway for you! It's a good one so be sure to follow me! You can find me at @upperlyneco.
  • And if you're wondering how my 21-day soul detox is going, it's errr going. Already failing with the whole no social media after 10PM thing but there are some wins. Just a few days left until the 24th so wish me luck and good luck with yours, too! 
  • Oh last but certainly not least! I was commissioned by Southern Living Magazine (along with some of my biggest blog idols - Camille of Camille Styles, Jess Graves of The Love List,  Chassity Evans of Look, Linger, Love and Southern Living's style editor Stephanie Granada..ahh!) to help define Southern Style. Check out 10 of New Orleans most stylish people here and look out for a little something in the fall fashion issue! More on those 10 incredible people here on Upperlyne soon.

Whatever you have on your plate this week, I hope you make it count!