Well / Aware: The Importance of Uniform

When I was younger, one of the biggest reasons I refused to go to Catholic school was because I’d be forced to do the unthinkable: wear a uniform. There was nothing worse to me than blending in with everyone else; the autonomy seemed like a big sacrifice of freedom. After all, what you wear is one of the few things you can control as a young person. Looking back on it… a uniform wouldn’t have been the worst thing. Oh, the fashion mistakes we make in junior high :). I love laughing at them. In one particularly memorable photo from tenth grade, I wore a tie around my neck, had quite literally ironed my hair (with an iron!) and lined my eyes all around — a look inspired by Avril Lavigne. Charming! Lindsay

Thankfully, we evolve. Nowadays, my life has become so much about routine. Getting ready in the morning, working, grabbing lunch, working out, making dinner and doing it all over again the next day. Every day is different once I get to work, but I now have a reasonable idea of what I like and what I don’t like. I enjoy feeling mostly polished and smelling good, but my junior high self insists any garment also be reflective of my personal style — slightly undone. 

After successfully purging the apartment and taking an honest look at what inspires me most, I gravitate toward minimalism. It makes sense: I seek zen, calm and shelter from the crazy that the day to day can bring — why wouldn’t that reflect in one’s sartorial choices?

STYLE: The Row SS '16 PFW Debut

I generally leave the fashion week reporting to the professionals but had to share The Row's Paris Fashion Week debut. This collection strikes a few similarities with Yves Saint Laurent's first collection, with the bold hats and female suits. Sharp construction, masculine details, yet feminine and strong at the same time. Technicalities and fashion jargon I don't know anything about aside, I'm floored. The color palate is something we can all easily integrate into our closets even if the price points are out of reach.  More importantly, I think this collection shows how imaginative fashion can be when American design meets European sensibility. And, that Chateau in the backdrop? J'adore.

images via vogue.com