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if you've been following my Instagram, you might have seen this fun sneak preview (involving the goofiest sweater of sweaters) of Target's newest collaboration. Last Sunday, Target launched its partnership with TOMS, one of the top socially conscious brands with a limited time offer gift collection.  Like TOMS “one-for-one” model, with each gift purchased by Target shoppers, a gift will be made to a person in need.  Donations include one of the following:  one blanket via American Red Cross, one week of meals via Feeding America, or one pair of shoes via TOMS. So, shopping for yourself at Target can easily translate to giving back. Woo!  I really love how the collection truly represents the TOMS brand and cannot wait to hop over to Target to scoop up a few pieces for myself! You might want to pounce on the collection, too. I hear they're selling out fast. But pssh, you can shop the entire collection online here and check out what everyone is saying about the collection with the hashtag #TOMSforTarget.

Disclosure:  “Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.”

Instagram: the Good, the Bad, and the Filters

Resident wordsmith, Tuvy, approaches every situation with a little wit and a lot of humour. She contributes monthly columns that will make you think and just might tickle you. 

Wondering why you aren’t getting likes? Noticing more unfollowers than followers? Don’t really care about any of that? You’re in luck, because this is a satirical guide on how to properly manage your Instagram account that will not guarantee you any of the above.

Thou shall not choose a bad filter. Tip: Instagram has a lovely, lovely feature where you don’t have to choose filters, but instead use tools where you can adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation, etc. Play around with those; your scenic pictures will look really scenic!

Thou shall not post a picture with a bad caption.  There are great pictures, and then there are horrible captions. A terrible caption can be detrimental to the picture; it’s a team effort!   Example: A zoomed in selfie with caption “The Eiffel Tower is so majestic.” Or a picture of a cupcake with hashtags #abs #6pack #gym #squats #muffintop. Tip: Writer’s block? Ask your more creative friends for help. The safe route would be just using one hashtag that’s simple and relative to the picture.

Thou shall not use Flipagram (or similar app) to create a video of 100 pictures lapse in 15 seconds. Tip: Just don’t.

Honor your friends. Don’t be that friend who posts a picture where everyone else looks like shit except for you. Tip: Ask for a consensus before posting, so you can avoid that text message, “Et tu, Brute?”

Thou shall not take offense if unfollowed.  An unfollow from someone you know does not always mean your friendship is on the rocks. Instagram just does not have a “hide” function yet. Tip: Don’t obsess over it.

Thou shall never post a blurry food picture. A person is most likely on Instagram during his/her lunch break, eating his/her sad lunch (unless you’ve taken Juley’s tips on how to pack a good lunch), so do us all a favor and show off your superior lunch clearly and deliciously. Tips: Tap screen to focus, and snap!

Thou shall not post private moments. This is pretty subjective, but moments such as funerals (open caskets) and your birthing video should be kept between you and your family. Tip: If you want to recognize a special moment, snap a pic of anything else. Anything.

Thou shall give credit where credit is due. Tip: Don’t rip off other people’s work, or else people are really going to think you painted that Monet.

Thou shall not fall for scams. The whole “first 100,000 followers will win a ridiculous amount of money if you repost and tag blah blah” account is hardly ever real. Please don’t spread the nonsense. Tips: If your Instagram is on private, this especially does not work (this tip also applies to those trying to win a legitimate contest on Instagram).

Thou shall not post a selfie a day unless you’re a Kardashian/Jenner/January Jones. Tip: If you have a little “k” or “m” after your number of followers, you can do whatever the hell you want, which means you can disregard this entire list.

Plaid for the Cool

Zara oversized scarf (old, ASOS version here) | Madewell Skinny Skinny mid-rise jeans |
Michael Kors Salem boots | Zara trench coat (similar)

The easiest way to transition summer's basic tee and jean combo for the fall? Add a duster-length coat or cardigan, boots, and a scarf. To keep the look easy, make sure to not brush your hair (as evidenced above) and always incorporate a half-tuck a la J.Crew. Sure, it's borderline sloppy but hey, it's New Orleans and we're going to take advantage of the not-so-winter vibes for as long as possible.

The LA Times

I escaped to Los Angeles a few weeks ago for a brief work trip, but also had the chance to pay my best friend of over fifteen years a visit. If you glanced at our wardrobes, you’d think we were drastically different. Uyen is a tiny Asian girl with piercings and tattoos who once toured the US with a gritty metal band, has the softest voice when she speaks but can belt a ballad that will move you to tears, tears up the LA street art scene, is a respected art director, and still manages to cook for an army. She is a rare breed of female with a strong sense of self and compassionate to the core. Truth be told, our vast differences make for a very ying-yang synergy. Carrie had Samantha and I have Uyen. 

If I could wish any kind of friendship for my future daughter and for you, it would be to have a friendship like this. The kind that will save you when you’ve lost all hope in humanity, the kind that doesn’t need anything from you but your company, the kind that is an effortless two-way street. But, most importantly, the kind that will teach you how to be the best version of yourself.  

1. Found Greece in LA on a solo date at the Griffith Observatory | 2. Our choice of patterns says it all | 3. No colors were harmed in the making of the biff's closet | 4. A very basic travel outfit | 5. Morning cup of Joe at Alfred Coffee | 6. LA, you're beautiful.