Time for a summer break!

Terribly sorry for the radio silence as of late. It's been a busy, busy summer and I honestly don't know where it went! I think with every job or labor of love or project we commit ourselves to, there comes a time where you have to step back to reflect and evaluate. This August marks eight years of blogging. 8 yearssssss. It's been so wild and interesting to watch the industry bloom the way it has. Because I've been knee-deep creating content, I've missed out on a slew of new blogs to engage in. I'd really love to take time out to dive into other people's blogs, get lost, and learn as much as I can.  I'd also like to analyze the data here to figure out what direction to keep flowing towards. I'll be looking at your favorite posts, which are measured by the number of 'likes' received as well as comments, to figure out what types of posts should stay and what shouldn't.  So, it's time to take a small hiatus - a summer break if you will - to do just that. My hope is that I'll come back here with a renewed sense of purpose and can evolve the content and the conversation here for you.

image by tan baxter

image by tan baxter

With that said, I'd truly appreciate your feedback on how to improve as well as suggestions on your favorite blogs and websites!

A few questions/ideas I'm curious about:

  • What are your favorite / least favorite posts?

  • What more would you like to see?

  • Have you enjoyed contributor posts? Examples: food, wellness, or design

  • We're currently using the Squarespace comment format. Would it be easier for you to comment if we switched to Disqus?

  • What are your top 5 favorite blogs, YouTube Channels, or websites? Why?

  • What keeps you coming back here?

  • And finally, what is your blog? I'm in a deep search for inspiration!

For taking your time to provide your honest feedback, I'll be sending a gift to one random commenter! I'll keep it tight-lipped for now but trust me when I say you'll love it.

I anticipate returning mid-late August. Be sure to subscribe via Bloglovin' or to my newsletter to know when Upperlyne & Co. returns! Until then, you can follow my travels and daily updates on Instagram. Have a safe and wonderful rest of your summer and I'll see you all soon!! 

xo Juley