still california dreaming

It's been a minute since I've had the chance to visit a new place but it feels like a lifetime since Josh and I were able to unplug and enjoy new scenery together. We had the most amazing trip to the West Coast a couple weeks ago to celebrate our dear friends Cindy & Andrew's wedding. It feels like just yesterday we were in Atlanta keeping Cindy occupied while Andrew and her family planned a memorable engagement. We feel pretty awesome to have witnessed both milestones in their lives and are so fortunate they gave us a reason to make a vacation out of our time there! I want to do a better job at documenting and adding context to these trips so will take full advantage with this post.

In a nutshell - flew into San Francisco and drove out to wine country, checked into our hotel in Napa Valley, took out the dancing shoes in Downtown Napa on Friday. Had a ball being a bridesmaid to Cinders at her gorgesusssss wedding in beautiful Sonoma Valley (wow to the venue) where I ate amazing sea bass and had the hottest date by my side. Sunday was a beast. It was his birthday! We did what we do best - have a loose but no real agenda. Took the scenic route to Armstrong Redwoods but, of course, stopped by a random vineyard for some wine tasting to get our buzzes on, then hopped across the street to the cutest Dean & Deluca to grab some lunch and snacks, gawked at really big, beautiful Redwood trees, and ate lunch in the middle of the beautiful forest. After agreeing that this isn't real life, drove back to San Francisco, randomly ate the yummiest lobster roll and corn chowder from this truck on our way to the Japanese Tea Garden, then met our college friend at The Mill for coffee and ate the yummiest one-inch toast. She then took us to see the sunset at Sutro Baths (thanks for the rec my sweet Crystal!), then off we went on a wild Mini-Cooper ride up those unforgiving hills to see the most spectacular view at Twin Peaks. We made sure to wake up as early as possible Monday morning to taste not one but two (or three or four) of Tartine's epic croissants in which I declared I will never be the same. To finish off our short and sweet trip, cruised by the San Francisco Bay to see the Golden Gate Bridge in all its glory. I love bridges. Best trip with my best person this year. Thank you West Coast for breathing new inspiration into the both of us! 


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la vie

Eating dinner and reading a cookbook at a low-key restaurant is one of my favorite things to do alone. This makes most people uneasy but I seriously encourage you, especially if you're a girl whose life speeds a thousand miles an hour, to test this out. I order a little of this and a little of that, nibble on crusty French bread, and revel in the fact that the only interaction I'm obligated to attend to is giving my waiter my order, which was boeuf bourguignon on this occasion. La vie!


closet limbo season

Is it just me or has it been difficult to find clothes to wear? There's something about this time of year that makes me want just want to stay in sweats and a hoodie all day.  Even the most coveted items in my closet haven't gotten much airplay because I just feel frumpy. Uninspired. Downright bored. After hearing several of my girlfriends sighing the same sigh of ugh, I quickly realized this is closet limbo season. It happens like clockwork every year - we get excited for fall's layers; winter's statement coats; summertime's effortless sundresses and denim shorts. When March hits, however, even the leather skinnies that once made me feel like Queen Bey gets little action.  My answer to it all? Black, black, black. Lots of it.


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meeting of the minds // let's brunch

It would normally take major planning to get five busy women together. I'd be lying if it didn't require some scheduling tag but for some weird, organic reason it's been effortless seeing MollyMarcieJulia, and Hattie for what we affectionately call our 'meetings of the minds.' Marcie's brilliant branding mind came up with the term after our first couple of meetups.  Okayyy so they're not real meetings. It's more like happy yappy hours, so of course, it's easy to look forward to every month. Previously we've had a co-ed farm-to-table dinner at Julia's, apps and desserts at Marcie's, the ultimate comfort meal (yummy zucchini lasagna) at Hattie's, and a balanced cheese & salad dinner at Molly's.  All really on the fly.

Sunday was my turn to have the girls over, and of course, you know I chose brunch! Hosting a brunch is the ideal entertaining go-to for someone like me who stresses out about feeding more than a handful of people. There's no need to worry about preparing multiple courses, it's easier on the wallet, and there's still the rest of the day to enjoy before the inevitable workweek. Ca-ching! The best part, though, is drinking (lots of) mimosas with good company.

There's so many ways to approach brunch. If you're new to the game, I'd recommend watching Bobby Flay's show, Brunch at Bobby's. He's naturally on the advanced side, but the show is great at showing how versatile brunches can be - from crowd favorites like eggs benedict to regionally-inspired brunches. I'm getting really good at not taking pictures while actually being social so here are some behind the scenes!  Be sure to follow me on Bloglovin' to get my brunch how-to filled with these recipes in a future post!

Whole Foods doesn’t have raspberries. Oh! But they have pomegranate seeds!”
— Hattie & the birth of the pomosa (pomegranate mimosa)



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