Five New Beauty Discoveries

I’m awfully late in the beauty game but better late than never, right? For no other reason than desperately needing to repair my severely dry, adult acne-ridden skin (cue: why I’m doing Whole30), I’m on a mission to find effective products that will liven up my skin and reduce my pampering time. Here are a five new beauty discoveries that have earned their keeps in my amateur (but evolving!) beauty routine. 


1. Caudelie Micellar Cleansing Water – I had no idea what ‘micellar cleansing water’ meant but when I came across an article that stated French women swore by this make-up remover, my curiosity was piqued. Because my skin is in less than ideal condition, I turn to tinted moisturizers or liquid foundation pretty much every day to feel confident. It’s a whole lot of junk on my face that’s quite hard to remove with just one cleanser. I’ve started to build my own Korean-inspired 10-step skincare routine (more on that in April!) and started using this religiously after washing my face. If you saw my SnapChat, you saw all the make-up it took off. And, it smells heavenly. The con? Not the cheapest thrill.

2. Aesop Body Cleanser – My sweet cousin (hiii Sheila boo!)  sent this Aesop gift to me and I immediately fell for each product in the set. I would’ve added each of them in this picture but that just wouldn’t look right.  Anyway, love this non-abrasive, gentle cleanser that I use very sparingly so it can last for as long as possible. Seriously, can Aesop do wrong? No.

3. Honest Beauty – Jessica Alba is a phenomenal businesswoman and I support anything she’s behind. When Honest Beauty launched, I was probably the first person to subscribe to the beauty bundles! Because I’m allergic to almost everything, I thought it was ‘normal’ to break out for a few weeks when trying new make-up. Er no. That’s not supposed to happen! I’ve transitioned my face cleanser, foundation, and tinted moisturizer all to Honest Beauty because they work and don’t cause me to break out in hives. All natural make-up products?! Who knew that would solve the problem. 

4. WunderBrow – Real talk: I had little to no eyebrows for most of my life. If I added up all the hours I spent filling in my eyebrows or how many times I came home from work with a missing eyebrow, it would be a disturbing number. Last year, my friend Angie of Browtiq performed eyebrow feathering, which finally gave me eyebrows. Now all I do is shade them in just a little with this amazing Wunderbrow (in brunette) product that doesn’t come off unless I want it to. Eyebrow game finally getting there!

5. Sally Hansen’s Ouch Reflief Wax – Until I can invest in laser hair removal, this wax is a holy game changer. It seriously does not hurt, especially for underarms. Ouch(less)!


Know of something I should try? Share the wealth! xo

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  • Juley! Most french women us the Bioderma micellar cleansning water! It’s a little cheaper and comes in a slightly bigger size! You should consider it the next time your Caudalie runs out.

  • Thank you so much for your tips. I am scared to do my own waxing. I recently came across your blog and now I love your IG. I love your aesthetic and your outfits. My daughter is 11 and I just started reading lifestyle/fashion blogs with her. I love yours because my daughter is Asian, I adopted her from China when she was 1, 10 years ago. I am Caucasian with curly hair so I love showing her beautiful Asian women, which are not always represented in mainstream ads and magazines!!!! I want her to love herself and her looks, she’s a beauty too. I would love for you to do some makeup tips in the future specifically for Asian eyes. Also my daughter Chloe is obsessed with her straight eyelashes, do you have tips on that, for when she’s old enough for eye makeup? Thanks again!

    • Hi Jill! I’m so glad you found me and have a resource for your daughter. I completely know where you’re coming from as I grew up with a confusing definition of beauty! I’m not the best person to speak on beauty as you can tell but I will certainly share more of my findings as I’m figuring them out. It’s still such a learning process but I hope is helpful for your daughter and you! As for her straight eyelashes: if she’s already obsessed with them that’s amazing! I’d recommend some good mascara and minimal eyeliner so her eyes take the stage. She’s lucky to have you as her mom! 🙂

  • Thanks Juley! I also forgot to mention my best beauty secret is my Clairsonic. It’s pricey but I have used mine for 5 years. It has made my skin amazing. Other moms ask me if I had botox or something, and I swear I haven’t, I’m 45. And I have probably had only 1 adult zit in 5 years. I seriously recommend trying it with the sensitive skin brush head. I often think i should sell them, I love the clairsonic so much!

  • Just to build on Stephanie’s comment, I use the Simple Miscellar wipes and they are great! (Also, they are $10 for 3 packs of 25 at Costco – that cannot be beat!) I also suffer from some adult acne, and the wipes are incredible and I’ve definitely had fewer breakouts.