Home Sweet Home

We just moved into a new duplex just four blocks from our previous apartment. The neighborhood is a little rough around the edges but I jumped at the opportunity the minute I saw how beautiful the space was. Designed and leased by a friend’s mother-in-law, it’s a clean balance of modern amenities with country charm – soo perfect for us! My new landlord and I have quickly become friends dreaming of how to put the space together. 

hyphen-3Though I could’ve stayed in my previous apartment for years, Josh wasn’t a fan of the ‘charm’ that stole my heart. He’s just the happiest clam lately because of the modern amenities. Can you believe we haven’t had a washer and dryer in more than five years?

hyphen-8hyphen On the other hand, I couldn’t be happier to finally upgrade our 10+ year old full-sized mattress to a king bed.  Sharing it with two medium sized dogs and another person has been one #firstworldproblem that I’m thrilled to say toodles to! 

hyphen-9We unrolled our new Hyphen mattress out on our very first night and have been in heaven ever since. It’s made with custom Hyphen Foam to create the most restorative sleep, and it’s been so helpful with giving me energy for our move, the upcoming baby and my new business launch. It’s mind blowing and borderline indulgent that I’m not disturbed when the pups toss about! You guys – it’s the simple things in life. And, a good mattress and a good night’s rest are the biggest blessings lately.

hyphen-4If you’re looking for the same kind of upgrade for your life: enjoy 10% off of any purchase from my friends at Hyphen with the unique promo code Upperlyne10!

hyphen-6  Fortunately, our old furniture and decor fit perfectly into this new space. I can finally display my favorite piece of art, Presence by Debra Butler, which I got matted and framed from Minted.

hyphen-10 Home, sweet home! Other sources include: H&M linen bedding, World Market bench, Minted Art, and Target lamp.

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