Nesting & Words for James Jett

Parenthood is quickly creeping up and I’m feeling a mixed bag of emotions.  Josh and I have always been the couple who marched to the beat of our own drum. Doing things as I like to put it ‘ass backwards’ and we’ve been perfectly content with that. When we found out we were pregnant, we honestly couldn’t contain our excitement but fear quickly rolled in. Wait – he’s still in school, I’m still (perpetually) trying to figure things out, and we’re still not married (though 12 years count for something)! The past nine months have been a huge blur largely in part to adapting to pregnancy symptoms, transitions, and new ventures. I’ve hardly had time to absorb it all. But, I’m not one to plan for these types of things, so it goes to show that life develops just as it should when it should. All we’ve been able to do is hold on to each other for the wild ride and one that’s sure to be the craziest in the next couple of weeks. 


(Sources: Nuna carseat & stroller (thanks to our generous family)/ Ikea Askvoll dresser and crib / Target globe and ceramic elephant)

This was my first week off from work, so I’ve been slowly putting our little James Jett’s space together. The free time opened up some mental space and got me thinking about the bigger lessons I hope we can instill in him.

  • It takes a village. I’ve never felt more supported by a larger group of people like I have been with the moms and moms-to-be around me. It’s heartwarming to feel supported not only by my closest family but also the lady bosses in our community. I often wonder how my mom and aunts did it, and now I’m slowly learning how. It takes a village, and well, we’ve got quite the village who will make sure James Jett grows up to be a hardworking gentleman.
  • You have everything you need. I hope James Jett grows up knowing he has everything he needs and will have to work for the things he wants. Something about the expectation of material items rubs me all kinds of wrong ways, so I was repeatedly telling my sisters and friends no showers or gifts (life is expensive enough!). Of course, we graciously accepted a few generous gifts and plenty of second hand clothes, but I hope our son grows to appreciate the company of people around him and experiences above anything else.
  • Character is key. He’s going to make mistakes and we won’t expect him to be perfect, but hard work and integrity are non-negotiables. I can’t help my tiger-mom tendencies lol. 
  • Be like your dad. And most of all, I hope he grows up to be a Southern gentleman like his dad. One who loves animals, enjoys simple things like sports and good friends, knows how to treat a lady, constantly curious about the world, and is forever young at heart. 

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